A simple grateful

It was Saturday morning, the weather is so perfect to lie down on bed all day but I decided to walk around the woods, and you choose to come with me. The sky is quitely gray but my intuitionis whispering that today is not gonna be rain. We have been walked for an hour and I asked you to carry me, but you said

“You want to rest for a while, or you want me to break my bones? Carry you was like carry a hippo,darling”.

Then a small punch and a fierce face are coming slowly to you. We rest for a while in the meadow, lying next to each other, looked up to the sky and holding hands.

“I never thought that my life would be so perfect like this till I met you” I said.

“I never thought that my life would be so messy like this till I met you” you reply.

Then again, the fierce face is decorate the meadow.

“But I also never thought that no matter how messy my life would be when I’m with you, I always. Always. Want the second chance of living, with you” you continue.

The gray clouds are stepped away, replaced by the white clouds and the sun is peeking from the eastern horizon. We lay in the meadow for an hour half, talking about everything that is not really important. About when you get the circumcision, or about how forgetfulness of name can happen from the point of view of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud, and the most useless things, gossiping other people. lol.

The sun are slowly moved to the western horizon, we continue walking through the woods. You look so sweaty and have a heavy breathing. The silent of the woods are speaks louder than the silent of the city. The sounds of our steps, the birds, the squirrel, the twigs that played by the winds, they are colaborate into a song that I always dreamed of. But today, you seems not enjoyed our journey. It seems your face are hides a ton of sadness. So I start to said what is my deepest fear when we start all of this

“You know, everyday we walked around the woods, find something new, pick anything we can eat, play with the forest dwellers, built something, and etc. We do this almost like everyday. Didn’t you get tired of?”.

You stopped. Staring at me for almost like two minutes without saying a word. And you start to open your mouth while holding my face, and said

“You are the kind of heaven on earth, temporary but enough at least for now. If life after deaths does exist, then you’ll be my kind of heaven and hell on the both sides world. Cause I probably going to hell.”

You laugh for a minute and the silent is surround us and you look straight into my face that looks so confused. After one deep breath you take, you said

“In every visual I see. In every books I read. In every step I took. In every stuff I do. It feels incomplete when you are not in between. I. just. Want. To. Do. Every.Stuff.With.You.”

I was so excited to do all of this with you, that I forgot you and I are not a young couple anymore. Evidently, we’ve been shared our journey in this magical woods for thirty years. You and I are no longer strong, that’s why your face looks so tired when we walked.

“you supposed to tell me that you are not capable of walking again” I grumbled.

You ran in front of me, and carry me in your back. I was surprised and hit your back so many times. You just laugh a little bit and keep carry me, and said

“yes, darling. I do tired. But whenever my heart beats fast, and my knees are shaking, I always imagine how wonderful life would be in some another dimensional history, I would spent the rest of it with you. You, with a wistful eyes, brown hair, and chubby cheeks. will always. Always. be my favourite Queen.”

Since once in a lifetime, as long as I can remember. I always have my three favorite dreams. A small tree house that far from the city. A tiny garden. And someone that I can shared all of it: you. And now, I was lying next to a man that have an owl eyes and a thin moustache, with the sounds of the birds, above the meadow that sometimes make our body itchy, the fresh air, and the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

I never thought that my life would be so perfect like this till I met you.

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