A new chapter for Glass
Jay Kothari

that is excellent and all. I love seeing a product have used in the enterprise market. and I am sorry if you at Google feel that a consumer product is no go due to the apprehension. but keep in mind the average consumer is looking for a 200$ device* project glass could have been more but became a stepping stone for android wear to come out.

the enterprise is not a bad area for this kind of thing but the price point made only those who had disposable incomes able to get an explorer edition. I was even on that list selected but I couldn't afford the price.

at the time I had just moved to Japan. so the most I have to go off of was the rumors. rumors of a 45 min battery life rumors of an inability to use it with my prescription glasses.

I have wanted project glass or a hud for quite some time. I feel the needs of an enterprise product are a bit different than that of a consumer.

I still will say this with a lower price point you could have been there.

but now alternatives are coming out.

you don't want your partners who are actually selling glass at its over priced markup to jump ship. so you make this shiny post and reassure people that glass isn't dead. when I a consumer would love to agree with you. so I will ask again

when is a sub 400$ google project glass coming out with a battery life longer than 2 days. when can we truly share experiences and stay connected?

why have you dashed my dream at every turn?

*at the time of glass first coming out now closer to 400 due to inflation.