So please do all you can to keep your input constructive and selfless.
Dear Person Who Just Left a Negative Comment About Something On the Internet
Jack Dire

I completely agree with insisting on constructive input. It’s marvelous what happens when people adhere to that not the least of which is proper, even keel discourse.

I think I agree with the selfless part, depending on the intended meaning. My first thought on this phrasing was that it’s wonderful for people to be themselves on the Internet — when they essentially pour their being into something, and that soul is visible in their work and communication, right? Similarly if you get excited about the stuff you love, your self (or at least your persona) is present in the comments you make… right? Insofar a vitriol, however, I think I agree more fully. Perhaps you should leave yourself out of the comment, and keep it as… maybe technical, as possible? Opinions are opinions, and I have to be ok with others’ opinions on the Internet, regardless of what they are. So yes, this is important. I agree.

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