Jail-Builders Will Use Broken Windows Fare-Evasion Policing to Fill Their New Jails

Nov 1 · 2 min read

For Immediate Release nonewjails.ny@gmail.com

WHEN: Friday, Nov 1 5:15 PM

WHAT: Communities gather for a mass action against police violence and broken windows policing.

WHERE: McLaughlin Park

(New York, NY) — In the last month, the NYPD has murdered 6 people, while New York City Council unjustly voted to build four new skyscraper jails, and Bill de Blasio has rejected any plans to ban solitary confinement. The city is increasing surveillance–filling the subway with cameras and cops, who wait to catch people and arrest them for not having $2.75. Meanwhile, MTA workers fill the streets for a better contract and the subway waits for repairs that have been delayed for years, if not decades.

WE KNOW that New York City is currently engaged in the deadly project of expanding incarceration. If they build it, they will fill it. As the NYPD wages war on Black and brown New Yorkers, Rikers and precincts see a revolving door of people brought in for fare-beating. We know that the forces of racial capitalism, neoliberal philanthropy, and settler colonialism make us less and less safe each day, while lying to our faces about their intent.

WE KNOW that those who voted for the new jails have blood on their hands, just weeks after the vote. We know they are liars. Councilmembers Reynoso and Lander condemn the addition of police officers to the MTA, but voted yes on the jails. They have lost all credibility and are directly responsible for the hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers that will suffer at the hands of a murderous NYPD.

WE KNOW that these schemes have not, and will not, close Rikers. The jail vote has ensured that Rikers will stay open for several more years, with no end in sight for solitary confinement. As the city uses a corrupt developer to begin construction on jails, more and more people are moved onto Rikers, where violence is still on the rise.

WE KNOW that only we can keep us safe. Cuomo must take NYPD out of the subway and cut their budget. As No New Jails recommended in our abolition plan, cutting the NYPD budget will significantly free up funding to invest in community needs. Organized communities will protect New Yorkers, not cops or cages. This is a watershed moment for NYC — Make the subway free. Shutdown Rikers. Justice for all victims of police violence NOW. No New Jails.

No New Jails NYC

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