Announcing Genesis: The first Non-Fungible Festival collection

We like the music, we like the festivals, we like the Metaverse.

The Genesis Festival

Welcome to the first Non-Fungible Festival collection, Genesis. A collection of some well loved EDM artists. This fist release has a total of 544 NFTs and includes 34 unique artists in the lineup; some are duos resulting in 2 separate NFTs.

There are 510 common edition NFTs with 15 editions of each artist. This way everyone who is a fan will have a chance of ownership.

Wen Drop?

The Genesis festival collection will be dropped directly on OpenSea but specific date will be announced soon. Keep up with our socials and discord group to be the first ones to know.

Sale price?

0.04 ETH minting directly on OpenSea. All items will have 2.5% royalties.

There are one-of-ones?

YES, included in this collection are 37 Animated one-of-one NFTs, which are reserved for the real artists to claim for free within a 90 day window starting on December, 2021. Our goal is to encourage the real artists to acquire these NFTs through the help of our community. Twitter and however means necessary. After all, there is only 6 degrees of separation between all of us

If successful, the artists may utilize the NFT for their own exposure in the digital space. They have the option to work with our team to auction off the limited edition NFT for a good cause, or just simply diamond hand it and flex. If the limited edition NFTs are not claimed within the 90 day window, we will utilize discord giveaway bot to award some lucky community members a private sale of the NFTs at 0.0808 ETH on OpenSea

There may or may not be some surprise guests… who knows?



  • Cyber Monday announcement of Genesis. Drop date TBA
  • DJ stream launch party on the discord voice channel (sorry no requests!)

Post Launch:

  • Community Outreach Program initiated. Announcement on Medium with more details to come
  • Proceeds go towards team expansion and campaigns for community giveaways and more

100% sales

  • Application will be available for artists to be added to future festivals
  • Next festival lineup will be hinted



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