The Distance Illustrations

The Distance was a podcast produced by Basecamp that featured in depth stories about businesses that found ways to stay in business for 25 years or longer. It accomplished what it set out to do, and it was retired earlier this year, but the archives will live on. What began as long-form articles evolved into podcasts that clocked in at fifteen to twenty minutes apiece.

The podcast was produced by Shaun Hildner and written and performed by Wailin Wong. It probably didn’t need custom illustrations for each episode but I was happy to provide them, and was a fun challenge to produce an image to go with each installation. The art I make is comprised almost entirely of imagined places, but it was good to exercise my muscles and make an image every week that reflected a real place. Each week I drew the facade of the storefront or office. If no place existed, I made an image that somehow represented the nature of the business, or an aspect that was a focus of the episode. Pretty early on we landed as the circular shape with the cloudy sky as the visual theme. I have compiled some of my favorite images from the series here.

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