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(Part of) the Atlanta Skyline. Thank God for balconies! [Photo: Neha Kumar]

Our new cohort of the Future of Computing Academy kicked off in December, and has since been busy defining projects for the next year. Around the same time, the novel Coronavirus pandemic broke out in Wuhan, China, and began to make its way across the world. This post below reflects how some of our current members experienced the impact of this pandemic on their personal and professional lives.

“When did you begin to feel the impact of the pandemic?”

Residing in various parts of the world, our members have experienced the onset of the crisis at differing times and intensities. It was indirect for most, via updates from family, friends, and local media. For Luigi, who lives in Turin, Italy, “in the beginning, it was second-hand… affecting Asia, then a nearby area with limited impact where I live. …

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