Journaling, Issue #1.

Ok. It’s time to start inventing columns in this journal and the first one to go is “Journaling”. Probably this one will be the ugliest in terms of English as I’m not going to edit what I write here, but it will be the most personal one. So this is Journaling, Issue #1.

Currently I work on two projects for two different clients. And both of them are just a hell of a clients. One of them won’t stop bothering me. He asks questions that I don’t know answers to. I’ve never committed to things he wants from our team. His own programmers work on new features, but he won’t stop asking me about their progress. Our company always wanted to be a good helper to our clients so all I can do now is make his programmer report to me. It could be the situation when you should say ‘No’ to your client but I still have to learn this skill.

Another client is another kind. He never replies my email. He just ignore them. I don’t blame him, he is a busy person. But when I write 5 emails with different questions and he writes me one that doesn’t answer any of them — it just makes me sad. And the funniest thing that he has limited budgets, and all of my questions follow only one goal — limit his spendings. And sometimes he just calls me and tells that he needs something right now.

So today I’ve spent whole day pleasing this two guys and their spontaneous request. I’ve even worked extra hour to do this, having a little son and an tired wife at home. At 8pm I’ve managed to run away. And I’ve hurried to a parking lot… just to find my car with it’s wheel punctured. This is kind of thing that could always happen to you but you never expect it. And because of this you always think that it happened in the most inappropriate moment. But it could happen in any moment and this moment always would seem to be inappropriate.

I’m seating in my rigid armchair, exhausted, but happy that I’ve managed to replace the wheel. It was my first time so I’ve lost my virginity in doing anything else with my car than driving it. +1 new experience, -1 happy evening with my family. Who will compensate my losses? I afraid, nobody can.

Publishing this even without re-reading.

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