Oh that’s funny, I’m a woman of color and when I visited Calgary 4 years ago for 36 hours I was…
Cecily Jackson-Zapata

Thanks for your response. I grew up in New York and Philadelphia in the ‘80s — and I have lived in LA, SF, and DC as an adult — so to me it is especially surprising and telling how unsafe I felt while in Calgary. It had been many years before and, fortunately, it has been many years since I visited Calgary that I literally counted down the hours until my return flight. I was met upon my return to LA by a BC native who had worked there and was one of the Canadians who decided not to burst my bubble of excitement to visit another province. The US obviously has enormous problems on a number of levels but to see someone from Alberta/Calgary express surprise at local intolerance strikes me as missing the mark regarding the actual experience of many women — or at least women of color — in that space.

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