Bless your headwind, not your tailwind

We know the following as an Irish blessing, but could it actually be a curse in disguise? Listen carefully: “May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be at your back.”

If you are already happy with your progress or if you are staggering home from the pub, then this is undoubtedly a blessing worth receiving.

But if you are aiming high, if your dreams are blue-sky, then you want the road well-traveled to fall away quickly. You need the wind from the front.

Keep in mind that airplanes take off into the wind. It is the rush of wind from the front that creates the lift needed for flight. Headwind is good wind for take-off.

So, if you really want to soar with the eagles, then welcome the wind in your face. But if you want to keep trudging along, then bless that breeze on your behind.

Every week, and often every day, the Chief Nonsense Officer expresses his opinion on a regional public radio (NPR) station somewhere. The above text is the radio version.

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