From Slaughter to Laughter
Jonathan Carroll

This brief article is both true and interesting, though often with people I think that the change made is somewhat more complex because of context.

The addition or omission of one letter at the beginning of a word may substantially alter the meaning of a sentence but, I”d suggest, more often than not it will be such an incongruous alteration that any reasonably literate reader will recognise it and see that the sentence no longer fits the context in any reasonable way.

Whilst I agree that a small change can significantly alter the subsequent life of a human being, even similarly their life’s “meaning”, the identification of that change can be much more difficult to isolate because human behaviour results from many factors, including genetics, socialisation, personal interaction, wealth or lack of it, and so much more. In other words, the context for the person is much broader and more complex and the factors that cause change not only often difficult to identify but also often disguised or lost with the ‘intra’ and ‘inter’ actions and behaviours caused by various mindsets, brain function, and resulting behaviours.

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