Damning unemployment maps

My article in Business Day yesterday was about the recently released state-level unemployment data. The article was driven by the maps below and shows the change in the percent of people in each state who stopped being fully employed. Technically this is the change in unemployment plus the change in underemployment. You can think of this as a measure of full time job creation.

Purple means that state managed to reduce unemployment and underemployment. Green means unemployment and underemployment got worse.

Looks like a nationwide bloodbath (or green bath?). Only Lagos, and to a lesser extent Nasarawa, Ondo, Enugu, Imo, and Rivers, managed to create enough full-time jobs to reduce unemployment and underemployment. The rest got worse. The Adamawa-Taraba-Benue axis which suffered a lot from the herdsmen crisis got a lot worse. Makes for sad viewing. You can read the full article here.