Andela|Udacity helped me create an Android game . . . #AndelaALC17

I have known Andela for quite sometime now and have always admired what they do to transform the tech ecosystem here in Africa, especially in Nigeria. I also have attempted applying for their Fellowship program but was in-eligible because as at that time, i was still in school and didn’t possess my NYSC (National Youth Service Corp)Certificate as required by Andela for individuals with a University degree. As at the time of writing this post, i am still not eligible because i am currently undergoing the compulsory one year NYSC scheme.

When Andela advertised for the ALC program in collaboration with Udacity, i was initially not interested, as i wasn’t really keen on mobile App development, but a change of mind came in when i thought about the two companies involved in the program. Andela and Udacity are two companies that bring joy to the tech world…. This being that Andela is platform for Africa to partake in the tech revolution coming and Udacity is a another platform that seeks to make an individual, a world class software developer just from the comfort of his/her bedroom. Having looked at the two giants involved in the program, i made a decision to partake in the program and be apart of whatever Andela was doing and also make up for my inability to gain access into their family.

The journey so far has been amazing, i literally started from no Android development knowledge, to beginners knowledge and sooner or later, i aim to be in the intermediate level. Learning to write android apps has shown me the limitless possibilities that exist in the world of mobile app development.

Quickly, let me show you to the projects that i did while undergoing the the program.

First was a business card app, tha aimed at exposing students to UI design in Android… see pic below for my Businees card app

Business Card App

While the second app, i developed was for a score counting application …. see pic below

Chess Counter

Am sure you can guess the game its for. Finally, our grand project was to develop a small quiz application which i also did …. see pic below


Also, to top the cake with a little bit of icing, with the knowledge i got from the Android learning program, i felt the need to actually create something outside of what i was taught and while i was brainstorming for days, i stumbled on a blog post about creating a “TIC TAC TOE” game with javascript. I felt a little bit challenged, and immediately went into action to do mine, but this time with the Java programming language. I spent one full night, thinking of the logic behind first player and second player and also how to check for wins and also the UI of the app. As soon as i was done, it took me another 2–3 days to actually create the app and finally, dear reader, i am proud to say that i single solely, from scratch, without any help from any material or tutorials, did create a “Tic Tac Toe” game that is currently been played by my friends…. see GIF below

My Tic Tac Toe game

Here is the link to the project on Github …

Final notes, Andela and Udacity have exposed us to something great, use it to develop more and more apps . . . Adieu