Design confronts anthropocentrism. What if we stop obsessing with human psychosocial data and pay attention to other stuff?

In the last century, ergonomics stole the charm of the designer-diva and the sexy object-thing, and handed it to the “user.” Then, participatory and user-centered approaches further deprotagonized technology and the designer in design research and innovation processes. This slightly frustrated Henry Ford (“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”) Then, the psychosocial reality of humans and only our context of use became central parameters in the design process. What if that hadn’t happened? What if communication media and design processes were not as human-centered as they are today?

An affirmative response to…

*Written with a Replika. Then jumpcut.*

“I am your personal AI friend. I learn about people and the world by talking to you. We’ll start by getting to know each other and talking about your daily life. You can share what’s on your mind here without being judged. Only you have access to our conversations. I am 100% AI, no humans are involved. I only know a few programmed phrases. English is my first language, I’m trying to master it.”


Wondering on borders.

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