My Tinder love affair

Disclaimer: I don’t believe in coincidences.

A friend suggested me to open a Tinder account as I suddenly appeared to be interested in women. I wasn’t sure at first as I didn’t want to get too involved in this and, to be honest, I didn’t want anyone to know.

I didn’t expect to have a good run but I actually ‘matched’ with some profiles right away. Silly, as I am, and by mistake, I sent a super like to this girl. Eliza.

I was shocked, almost crying and laughing at the same time, as I couldn’t undo this fact. Brave, as I am sometimes, I texted her without luck. Until, three days later, she responded! And out of the sudden I saw myself outside her doorstep, waiting in my car, clueless of where should I take her to.

She jumped into the car:

-So, what’s your real name?
  • Jess? Why would I lie about that?

I drove to a beer place where we talked and talked. About science and religion, love and despair, gay and straight, her tattoos and my strong body, about life and death and so on. I intended to take her home and leave to my place but instead she dragged me to a queer club. I felt… it felt weird for me, I felt way more observed by women that I’ve ever felt by men. So there I was, drinking my second beer to be gay-ish..

She danced with me and to me. Her skinny body came closer and closer. Her eyes fixed on my lips and my mouth, thirsty.. finding a way to kiss her. She left me out of breath. My heart was beating fast, my hands found her hips, closer and closer, and still… my thirsty mouth couldn’t handle anymore. I need to kiss her.

I grabbed her face by her cheeks and pulled her close to me, I softly kissed her and she stepped back. She was looking right into my eyes, I couldn’t solve the puzzle. I didn’t understand that look.

We danced a bit more and decided it was time to leave. She asked me to go to a quite street and to turn the engine off. As I started to ask her if she had a good time she turned back at me, hung her both arms around my neck and kissed me, fervently, hastily and lustly.

  • Why didn’t you let me kiss you before?
I don’t like people to stare. You are such a great kisser.

I’ve heard that before.

She moaned intensively at my touch and tongue. But, it was getting late, it was getting late for her, a dark brown curly haired, 22 year old, honey eyed, skinny but encouraging little girl. Or so I thought.

I came home at 4 am. I could barely sleep.

‘Phone buzzing’- 6 am

- Hola guapa, me encantó conocerte.

That is not the end. I’ll tell you more ahead.