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I am sure that for many of you, if you’ve ever tried to design a landing page before, you’ve wondered…

“How do I even begin?”

You have questions like:

  • What information to include?
  • How much information to include?
  • In what order should I put the information?
  • How do I structure the page?
  • How many buttons/images/copy do I need?

And many more…

Usually there is an easy answer to all that: You go to a competitor’s website that you intuitively like and steal everything. You just change colors/ texts and images.

And you’re good.

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Not exactly a scientific way to do this, but yes, it …could work. …

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Working as a digital marketing consultant the last few years, I understood something pretty obvious:

My clients were under-utilising their resources.

They were throwing money in great campaigns that were never going to deliver optimal returns.

I was seeing all marketing agencies focusing on impressive vanity metrics and creating new fancy marketing assets, but saw very few that focused on optimizing existing assets.

This is a huge gap in the market and literally ALL businesses can benefit from Conversion Rate Optimization services, since they perfectly complement the traditional “Digital Marketing”.

This is why I am slowly turning my services from traditional Digital Marketing to Conversion Rate Optimization.

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Most businesses online approach marketing it like this: “We’ll attract people to our website → They’ll see how awesome we are → They’ll buy.”

Others, focus more on leads: “We’ll generate as many leads as possible → We’ll grow our list considerably → We’re gonna send them emails until they buy.”

Fair enough.

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It makes sense, however this approach is one-dimensional as you can see. It focuses on one metric: The amount of incoming visitors or incoming leads. As if when these numbers are high, all these people will automatically love us and become customers.

Where I’m getting at, is that the metric that matters is only one: revenue. …


Nontas Karavias

I am a digital marketing nerd & owner of and I help small & medium-size businesses grow using inbound marketing.🤘😎🤘

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