Following the post about the SICILIAN APHRODYSIAC ICECREAM, here in the city, I have to underline the role of homonimies.

Doctor Roberto Mauri (pronounced Mowry) is not the Author of the Essays series about Sports Management at LA MERIDIANA Editions in Bari (the most recent title: "COACHING AND PARENTALHOOD"). 
I suppose that this latter Roberto Mauri is not worried by the coverage of the eight millions euro debt of the LA MERIDIANA Company...

Incidentally, "LA MERIDIANA" in neapolitan dialect becomes "A MBRIANA", which is the transfiguration of an ancient goddess, protectress of the domicile. Landed on the ground, in this case the goddess seems to be the Credit Division of the bank who granted the loan...

Along this line, I repute opportune to add a further remark. "VISCO" is not only a patronym noun, a family name, with noticeable instances among the high Institutional Charges of the Republic: a former Minister for the Finances and Treasury, and even the current Governor of the Bank of Italy.
VISCO is also the heading of an "aged" magazine, the name registered at the Tribunal of Milan on June,14 1986 (nineteeneightysix), an Italian specialised press magazine about OPHTALMOLOGICAL SURGERY, edited by Fabiano Gruppo Editoriale, near Asti, Italy.

The German pronounciation of the initial V has no relationship at all with any specialization in surgery. With the practice of the profession, it's another matter - national, not international, "sans frontières"...

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