31 Dec 2015

I decided to start writing to you, just so happens it is New Year’s Eve, so it’s a pretty good time for the beginning I reckon. I can’t really be bothered to sleep at the moment, the past few nights I’ve gone to bed at 4:00, so I think I knocked my body clock out of sync, but I sleep better when I get up later anyway. The wind and rain is battering my window as I lay here, hope it clears up by tomorrow.

I’m driving up to Oxford tomorrow, no plan for celebrations but there always seems to be something on there, I’m looking forward to it—my friend’s girlfriend has a friend that I think I would probably like, hope she’s there, I met her at this year’s halloween party but didn’t really get to talk to her, she looked at me a lot, I think curiously, or intrigued? I just know that look, I’ve seen it before in people I click with.

Really should reply to my sister, she keeps messaging me on Facebook, (finding Facebook irrelevant to me these days), I only go on there to message her and get in contact with people from uni.

Flux keeps popping up in the corner of my screen telling me that I’ll sleep for 6 hours if I go to bed now, the bastard doesn’t know I’m off so I don’t have work!

Well, hope I can keep up the correspondence.

Err… over and out? Wish me luck?


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