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Phase 2: Virtualise — Reduce — Manage

We’ve sorted the before and the after of the interaction, by gathering feedback, converting them into insights, and taking actions based on them, but what about the actual interaction?

Let’s start with a simple question, what do you look for in a service provider, apart from quality?

I look for 3 things : Organization, Speed, Safety

As a service provider or a brand, we need to be able to find the perfect balance between these 3 key attributes. Luckily, with emerging solutions, it is very simple to achieve this. Let’s understand how.

Organization and…

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Phase 1 : Feedback — Insights — Improvement

Customer experience is the key to the success of an organization, but very few are truly able to harness the power of software solutions and technologies around, to build the ultimate weapon to an amazing #CX. This series, divided into 3 phases, aims to provide insights on how this can be done, with the use case of RightCom XP — The Experience Management platform.

I’ve got two simple questions, what attracts you? and what keeps you attracted?

1 — What attracts you to a product, franchise, or brand?

Well, for me, it’s quality. If I see something that could really add value to my life or a product that really stands out in comparison to its competition, It would definitely pique my interest. …


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