Do not work for/with these people.

Do not work for people who do not care about you or your growth.

Do not work for people who want to tell you “how designers” are. (the non-designers who do not understand design culture.)

Do not work for Type-A micromanagers who want you to pixel push over minutiae (the small, precise, or trivial details of something.. ) Ask them what is the purpose of what you’re making. 9 times out of ten they will tell you it’s about being excellent and attention to detail bla bla bla- but notice how they d0 not actually answer your damn question. Yeah- avoid those people. Run.

Do not work for people who don’t want to talk to you because you have nothing in common with them. This happens quite a bit when I work in an environment of all men. I try- but they just won’t give you the same effort. But I’ll tell you, I’ve worked in an environments with men/people who make the effort. When you can genuinely be interested in people because they’re human- you will find common ground.

Do not work for people who treat you like an employee. They treat and view you as a work horse. The best places I’ve worked are the ones where my CEOs, CTO’s, CFO’s, etc looked at me like a human. They knew my name was Crystal. They knew I like this or that. I knew they liked this or that, how their kids are doing, etc. Work for people who care about humans, not money, not policies, not corporate crap.

Do not work for people who hired you only because you knew how to use photoshop, illustrator, sketch, etc. These type of people come in the form of telling you what color to make a heading, move this to the left or right, and do not care for your input or thinking. They want to bark orders at you because you know how to use software. It’s one-way communication that goes like this, “I am the boss. I give orders. You obey. That’s what I pay you to do.”

You’re probably working for these types of people if you’re home on your day off and you cannot escape the anxiety, sadness, and misery of what Monday has to bring. You ever seen that meme that goes “Monday’s don’t suck, your job does.” Yeah, that shit is true yo.

If you do work for one of these types of people, plan your escape and plan it fast. I beg you. They will kill you slowly…no I’m sorry, they will kill you fast if you don’t do anything about it.

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