Probing people to be harsh

I’m a big girl- I can handle it (eventually.)

The most harsh of comments and or critiques are the ones that made me second guess myself as a person. Consequently, they’re the comments that made me cry by myself and ultimately- improved me. It’s a gray area. On one side of the coin life often goes something like, “Don’t let others bring you down, bla bla bla.” But then the other side of that coin says, “Always be listening, learning, improving, etc.”

I’m always weary of people who compliment my work with one sentence such as, “Looks great!” It’s nice- take it with a grain of salt. But a red flag always goes off when I asked for feedback and nobody says anything or gives it a thumbs up. I innately know that person is holding something back. A comment that yes- will hurt my feelings. But I know that comment(s) itself is the key to my growth. I must probe people be harsh. I must ask for the truth knowing it will may hurt my feelings, and discourage me for a time. But I don’t know any other way to grow then to look for a horrible truth, acknowledge it, take responsibility for it, and learn in order to personally and professionally grow.

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