Review: Confessions of a Sociopath by M.E. Thomas

2/5 stars

Don’t judge a book by its cover… or it’s really interesting title. Honestly, I love documentaries about sociopaths. Who doesn’t at this point?

I felt like the narrator, although she’s obviously a sociopath, was very boring. She’s very full of herself, as you would expect, but the way she tells stories is just… not good. I learned almost nothing from this except that this author has a bad life and I feel sorry for her.

Rather than reading this, I would recommend “The Psychopath Test” by Jon Ronson. It’s an interesting look into what it means to be a sociopath from a journalistic perspective, and he has an awesome voice and talks to a lot of interesting people. I gave this particular book two stars because, well, at least I was able to finish it.

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