Review: The Craigslist Murders by Brenda Cullerton

2/5 stars

Ugh, not good. Once again, I expected great things because of the riveting name.

The first shock to me is that it’s a novel. For some reason I just thought it would be real? It’s fine. It’s not. But if you have free reign on how awesome to make a story, why is this one so bad?

The character was never, at any point, likable. And an antihero is great in some cases, but this one wasn’t even interesting. It’s about a pretty, rich lady with lots of talents and a bad attitude. For some reason, she hates other pretty rich ladies. It’s not entirely clear why.

I don’t feel like it ever really resolves. It’s like it’s trying to be Gone Girl but it’s not and it’s bad. And there’s a note at the end, sort of blowing a raspberry at the many publishers who didn’t want to print her book, and that sort of made me feel bad about giving a bad review… but nah. It’s not good.