5 Important facts of online dating that you should know

Shweta koul
3 min readAug 21, 2017

Online dating can be advantageous and fun but not for everyone, especially those who are new into it. If you are new you should be more particular about many things, then only you can get positive responses. Here in this blog we’ll discuss some important facts of online dating and try to make it better for you.

Right website: This is the major concern make sure about what you want then only it’ll be easy for you to choose the best online dating portal. There are many portals offering this services and encourage certain type of connections. They provide different offers for dating as well as for matchmaking. But it is totally up to you to choose the best one for you.

Try not to be excessively enthusiastic: It is obvious that if you are new and are exploring these platforms you should make sure not to be eager as it highly affects your potential matches. Despite of the fact that how nice your pictures look or how high your match percentages are, you should keep in mind that online interactions are short-lived. The best way is to send out messages without expecting anything. It is also a fact that if someone replies you then it is not necessary that they are interested in you. So this is one of the major aspects of online dating that you must be aware of, don’t think this as a failure just move on.

Before messaging focus on profile details: Well it is quite a big task of sending first message; people usually struggle a lot with this. Before sending your first message make sure to read the profile properly. It is quite helpful for you to know whom you are going to send message. Your first message should be interesting, may be regarding to those aspects that you find common or just decently respond their photos.

Be transparent: Before going to date know what actually your expectations are. Are you looking for some casual relationships? Or are you looking for long term relationship? Make these things clear and be straight forward as possible. Try to make you profile more transparent and that your preferences can easily comes across in your message. If you only want pen pals or just friends then it should be mentioned on your profile. In short be honest and upfront with your purpose.

Look for scams: This is the major thing that you should be aware of; scamming is widely used on dating and matchmaking portals. Before creating account on any website check it properly and don’t submit all your information initially like your proper address, phone number etc. Make sure you don’t let yourself get taken advantage of.

It is also a fact that online dating is not for everyone, but with the help of right tips and keep in minds the above mentioned factors you can make the most of it.