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Where are the answers though.

I’ve got one question here. They’ve been some very real accusations of corruption in gaming — in IGF, in media, all over the indie scene. Why doesn’t the media report on it? Why doesn’t it look into it? Don’t you see how this looks very corrupt to every gamer looking at the media? Where is the investigation? As for “social commentary” — call it what it is, it’s US liberal commentary. I’m Russian, not once have a read a review that said it was dissapointed that Russians were once again shown as stupid evil brutes. Why is that? Where are the social warriors protecting my interests? Oh you see they don’t exist, they only care about the “social issues” that they’re personally invested in. And you see everyone who isn’t a liberal living in US doesn’t care about those issues. A gamer in China or India doesn’t care about liberal agenda in US. Don’t try to promote the issues of your country in this international media, it’s insulting to everyone who isn’t a male 20-something US consumer.