Patcharakorn Srisawang TU130,ID 5728640375

What is my Learning Style?

I love to learn a new things, especially what I am interesting about; like when I using facebook, if I found any interesting page I will like them and then their post will be show on my news feed and I have learn a new things everyday. When I have a question that I wonder or really want to know I will use google to find the answer because it’s fast and convinient.

How has science changed the human experience

Everything in our daily life is invented from science based, Everything is science. Science has helped humanity a lot, it’s make people have better quality of living; such as telecom, transportation, medicine. And also help us to find the answer by reason. With no science maybe people believe about supernatural too much because they can’t find the answer and they may solve the problem in a wrong way; fore example, when somebody get sick and they believe that it’s a curse or something, then cure the patient in the wrong way; like letting shaman to cure the patient instead of doctor.

What does the word “Technology” mean to you

Technology is the way to make a things better or make our life more convenient; for example, long time ago in Egypt, there are Egyptian building a Pyramid without any machine, people in nowaday have a question that how they can do that? how they move a very big and heavy rock without a machine? after that there are some academicians explain that accient egyptian use a wood as a saver to move a rock by rolling them. This is also one of a technology.

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