Your confusion is understandable, and thank you for being honest.
Allison Gator

Thank you for your thought provoking response. I didn’t see it as a reprimand at all. I see it as a genuine attempt to have me look at it from a different perspective. I think in some ways your interpretation of fear is a state of mind when it’s actually an emotion. Those emotions are stoked, many times, not by an experience but by things we have been told. I’ve never been mugged or robbed or stabbed, shot, spat upon or berated but if my gut tells me it’s going to happen if I pursue a certain behavior, event, then I will avoid that behavior or event. I don’t have to put my hand on the griddle to know it’s hot. If a “bad” situation breaks out and you’re there, then defend yourself of course. But, when someone yells, “STOP POLICE, STOP OR I’LL SHOOT!”, they don’t have to say it twice. I’m there, hands up.

Thank you for your informed response. Its always great when someone takes the time to intelligently voice their views. Its like being a part of The Great American Debate.

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