5 Weeks Rising

Written by: Tong Lee

It’s been quite a rising and fast five weeks for the Rising Edge project that was implemented by my team. It’s been quite an experience for me in trying to come up with a unique problem and solving it in a more constrained time limit.

Week One

Week one saw six CSE guys, who had just met, brainstorming about the problem we wanted to solve along with the group name and logo design we would use. In the end we all settled on this design which we felt best represented our brand.

Once had our logo set we set our sights on solving the problems that we felt we had identified. This meant coming up with some of the features we would like to implement.

I thought it would be a good idea to enable the users to be more active on the websites other than just creating playlists. One of my main ideas is allowing users who are active to gain points which could be used to redeem prizes.

Week Two

With our ideas coming together we started to concentrate the need finding that would help in determining the features that our users would like to have. With this in mind we felt the best and quickest way was to create a Google survey that would allow all of our targeted audience a chance to give us some much needed feedback on the ideas we had come up with.

As a group we each broke down a particular competitor that had similar services, such as, Pandora, iTunes, and Reverbnation. I did my competitive analysis on Reverbnation. I looked over their sites and analyzed what they offered users, artists, and venues and compared these with the ideas we had come up with. This allowed us to prepare us for our next step of analyzing the data.

Week Three

Once we got our data back we confirmed that there were many sites that allowed users to listen to music from popular artists but all of them lacked interactions between users, artists, and venues.

We took the data that we received and started to flesh out some of the personas along with storyboards about the type of users who would be attracted to our website.

My persona and storyboards dealt with indie artists who are still relatively unknown. Theses artists are looking to build a fan base and I felt our website would definitely benefit these types of artists. So after all our storyboarding and persona creations we started on our prototyping and user feedbacks.

Week Four

Time was flying by. It was week four and after all of our work on need finding, persona building, and data analyzing, our website design was starting to take shape. We decided to do a quick sketch of our ideas before trying to put the ideas into more solid forms like Balsamiq or Invision.

We believed this would allows us to get quick feedback from other classmates so that we could address any shortcomings we might have missed. I decided to work on the events page as we started doing our lo-fi prototypes. The feedback that we got was that some of the pages were too busy which was distracting when users were trying to browse our site. So with the feedback and user testing from our classmates we set out to polish up our designs.

Week Five

On the last leg of the race we concentrated on implementing some of the advice and feedback we got from user testing. We toned down the amount of information that would be present in each page and we coordinated our pages to have more unified feel to it. We also decided to go for a more minimalist feel for many of our pages. I cleaned up my events page making

it less cluttered and more user friendly. I was able to use Invision to implement a mock carousel for our feature events and these technique was implemented in some of our other pages. Overall our designs became more fluid and user friendly allowing users to quickly navigate to important points of interests such as a venue that was holding an event or purchasing tickets to see an artists.

I feel satisfied with the work that my team and I have achieved over this short period of time and am looking forward to see if the other team members might be interested in pursuing this idea further.

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