Introducing O’Hi! — Sharing your contact information is a QR scan away!

You should build an app to let me share my information instantly, business cards suck!

Gary, my personal trainer, told me on a cold Monday morning. Since that moment, the idea was going through my mind, looking at it from different perspectives.

Well, Business Cards don’t REALLY suck

  • It’s easy to take them everywhere!
  • The other person doesn’t need anything to receive it.
  • They don’t impose — your info will be available for the receiver to use — if and when they’d like to
  • It’s quick — takes seconds to share.

There’s a reason they’ve been around forever!

Can we do better?

If we want to make it better, our solution has to do all that and more. This challenge was exciting and after a lot of sketches, a lot of prototypes, I have something that I firmly believe gets the job done and more!

I’m so excited to share with you all —

O’Hi! — Instant Contact Sharing

O’Hi! is indeed the easiest way to share your contact information.

  • O’Hi! is always available with a QR that can be instantly scanned. Works great offline!
  • You can create a list of contact information, and for every contact share, you can pick and choose details from it.
  • To receive your contact details, the other person need not have the app installed — just their phone camera.
  • Your info can then be saved to the contacts easily.


Pick just the details you’d like, each time you change your selection — a new QR code is generated, with only the details you picked.

Your previously shared card stays as-is and won’t change with the recent changes to the QR code. Share your new card with new people.


Scanning is easy — just have the other person open their camera app and point to your QR code, and they’ll be able to reach you in no time!

iPhone Cameras can scare the QR code quickly. Many Android Camera apps can do it too, and some need the QR scanner app.


O’Hi! — Also creates a short easy-to-share URL that can be shared through any other channel. Each URL is just-for-you and has only the information you have selected to be shared.


The love and support from my friends and family have been overwhelming! And so has the feedback! Somethings that we’ve heard from our earliest users:

  • Facebook — we started with a single way of logging in, through Facebook. I was surprised to hear such strong negative feedback for this. We’ve fixed it since, and the app no longer needs Facebook for login.
  • Speed — the website sometimes loads slower than we’d like it to. I’m currently working with the developers to make this better.
  • More Options — users want to add more, O’Hi! currently offers minimal options for contact details. We’re fixing it soon!
  • Privacy — our first group of users have mentioned that they’re not too comfortable sharing all their info with any app. We hear you, and I also feel uncomfortable when apps ask me for personal information. We have some ideas that we hope to share soon.
  • On-boarding — many of our users who have the patience to set up everything and do their first share, have a breakthrough and immediately get the magic. We want to make this process shorter and more seamless.

Join in!

Download the app from the App Store or scan the code in the screenshot below. Please hit me up with any feedback/feature requests! It’s going to be a fun ride, and I’m excited to see where this journey takes all of us.

UX/UI Designer actively looking for UX/UI Opportunities in the SF Bay Area.

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