A Little Extra Can Make Difference…

As they say, “It’s never crowded along extra mile.” Going an extra mile always pay off, it’s this little extra that converts ordinary into extra ordinary.

Getting a job is often hectic process but going little extra mile could make a clear difference. I experienced it personally. I went extra mile by dropping my resume and cover letter personally for the job at MTM, Masood Textile Mills.

I searched for the company online and went through their news feed but there was no vacant position. But I searched for the HR manger and got his email address. I emailed him twice. One email consisted of my resume and cover letter and the other one was to request a meeting. I waited for two days to get a response but I didn’t get any so I went to his office personally, which is in Kohinoor town. I went there and asked the gate keeper to let me in and told him that I wanted to meet Mr. Asif Nazir, HR manager of MTM. He asked me to wait in the waiting area and went for seeking permission; luckily I was called in and didn’t have to wait, as Mr. Nazir was free. I greeted him and he asked me to have a seat. He was a very friendly person. I introduced myself with my elevator pitch and told him about the emails I have already sent. He asked me that why did I came this far to get a job even though they do not have any vacancy. But he was pretty inspired about the information I have gathered about the company. He said that there is no suitable vacancy but he would sure consider me if any job comes up. I thanked him for the precious time he invested to meet me. I came back and sent him a thank you email for giving out his time to meet me.

It was my first interview and I think it went pretty well. Going extra mile really paid off. It gives a very good impression; it shows that you are willing to put in your effort, time and energy for that company.

The point I missed was that I did not ask for being taken as an intern if they did not have any vacant position. But overall it was a very good experience.

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