We Donate Whole Heartedly…

Edhi Foundation has one of the finest tag lines I have come across: “No religion is higher than humanity.” If every true believer, of any stripe, really believed that, the world would be transformed by empathy. OK, so maybe it would take a bit more than that, but if even fundamentalist nations or people actually put humanity first, a whole lot of physical and spiritual violence might no longer make sense to them.

Abdul Sattar Edhi is the most inspiring personality in Pakistan. I personally get motivation from him on another level. The most important and beautiful thing about him was that he believed in his nation, in Pakistan. He believed in us when no one else did. Here is something he said, “We only take donations from Pakistan. Pakistanis give whole heartedly, they give tens of thousands and don’t even take receipt. They just walk in and give. This is a good country; it’s just run by bad people.”

After the death of Abdul Sattar Edhi, Edhi foundation is facing some financial issues, so we, a group of four girls, we contributed some amount from our pockets but this was not going to solve this issue so we came up with a solution of raising fund from the entire hostel. We decided to ask for help from the people around us, we raised some funds from our Hostels. We went to every door and asked everyone to help us meet our goal to support Edhi Foundation financially. We were able to collect eighteen thousand rupees, 18000. This is a huge success for us. But it was not a smooth journey. Some of the girls in hostel did not believed in us. We were asked many question about this task, like, if we have any issuance letter, or do we have any authentic proof that this is not some kind of ragging. Some of them even asked if this is going to reach the foundation or we are collecting it for some party. But most of them gave a very good response and contributed without raising any question or suspicion. I remember one of the girls and I appreciate her spirit to be part of welfare, she opened her valet and just turned everything in the funds box, I cannot explain the feeling I experienced that moment, whatever this feeling was, it was extraordinary.

Collection From Pakistanis

We were able to collect the big amount of eighteen thousand rupees, 18000 in only four hours which makes me want to believe in Pakistanis as well, just like Abdul Sattar Edhi did. We Pakistanis do stand together for a good cause and no doubt we donate whole heartedly.