Food is the ultimate social network

The last time I was in Italy, the sight of local food frightened me. Actually, I was frightened even before I landed in Milan. So I brought most of what I had to eat with me — from Pakistan. A decision I deeply regret now when I look back.

From what I know I always wanted to travel. But looking back I now realise just how less I understood travel and its much hyped benefits. You are not really learning anything if you can’t immerse yourself into a new culture and nothing hurts this cause than not being able to enjoy the local food. Again, eating is not important. But having that experience is very important.

The risk here is that you might end up having something that your taste buds and stomach is not ready for. But that’s what makes everything so exciting and fun. Exploration lets you get acquainted to the new culture and people around you. Everything starts from here. Let yourself in and please don’t take those packaged foods with you. Your mom can cook them better when you are back.

And by the way the pizza above was amazing ;)

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