My top 10 makeup !

Every women has their favorite makeup product, from foundation to mascara. It all comes from within, so today, I would like to tell you about my top 10 favorite makeup products.

10. The Diorshow Mascara- $28.50

This mascara is my go-to. You only need about 2 layers and you’re good to go. It makes your eyes pop so much and it’s amazing. It’s non-waterproof, and it stays on all day.

9. The Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer by Too Faced-$30.00

This bronzer gives me such a gorgeous tan wherever I need it. I use the medium shade and it makes me look so good in pictures. There are 3 different shades, and it even smells like chocolate!

8. The Nyx Vinyl Eyeliner- $7.00

This non- pricey eyeliner is my favorite thing ever! It’s waterproof, and it has such a shine. Although, it is hard to do a wing with this eyeliner, it still makes your eyes pop. Even with a thin line, this liner gives a glamorous look to your eyes.

7. The Healthy Skin Primer by Neutrogena- $13.49

You may be surprised why a primer is so high up in this list of mine, but this one is exceptionally amazing. It protects and brightens your skin equally, and it minimizes all of your imperfections. Oh, and it also helps your makeup stay on way longer!

6. Colourpop’s Lip Stain in the shade- $6.00

This lip stain is great. It’s bold, bright, and it’s matte, what more can you need in a lip product. Also, it stays on for a long time. The downside about this product is that it is really hard to take off the entire thing, when it has recently been put on.

5. Smashbox’s Camera Ready BB cream in the shade light/neutral- $39.00

This BB cream is for all you light coverage girls. It’s my favorite thing ever! I use this on a daily. It’s light and it covers your entire face with just a small amount. For school, going to a friend’s house, it works just right.

4. The Anastasia Beverley Hills Ultimate Glow Kit- $45.00

I use this glow kit only on some occasions. For like weddings, parties and things like that. This makes me shine and I get so many compliments on my highlight, and I’m pretty sure you would too, if you ever get this.

3. ALL of the Naked Palettes- $54.00

These palettes are amazing. There are a lot of them and they have a variety of colors, so you can create any type of look: Nude, Pink, even Smokey! My favorite one is the Naked Palette 3. Mainly because I can have a pink and a nude type of look.

2. The full coverage foundation by Mac- $34.00

This foundation is like the glow kit. I only use this for weddings and parties. Although, I never actually chose to use this foundation. I was testing it out for a friend and it turned out that this foundation looked and felt perfect on my skin. Plus, it’s full coverage, so you don’t really need a lot.

1.Highlight and Contour Pro Palette by Nyx- $25

Here we are, product #1! This product was the best purchase I have ever made! It looks amazing on my cheek bones and I would never replace this product. It even includes a highlight which is great. Honestly, I would rate this product a 10 out of 10 and I would definitely recommend it.

That completes my top 10 makeup products! I love all of these things and I hope you all enjoyed this and maybe you may get one of these products. XOXO- Sanya Noorani

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