You Don’t Have To Change!!

Have you ever heard of confidence, well, confidence is not just a word, it’s a description. Confidence is not in everyone. People don’t have confidence because they think low of themselves, they compare themselves to other people, they don’t think they’re good enough. Now I’m not going to tell you things like, “oh, you should change” or “fit in so you won’t think low of your self” no, I’m not. I’m going to tell you the exact opposite.

My favorite word to describe someone would be different. You know why? It’s because different people are different. They don’t copy other people, they don’t change themselves to fit in. They make their own image. Being confident is what can make you different. Think about celebrity’s, do you really think Kim K. would have became famous if she didn’t do anything to her body? No! What she did to herself led to her being a huge model/ icon. (No offense to her, I love her) Now I’m not saying you should do some plastic surgery to make your self look good, I’m saying that it’s your choice to do whatever you want. Your decisions can change how you may end up, but you shouldn’t speed anything up to figure that out; you should just let your life go with the flow. You shouldn’t let anything drag you down, no matter how hard it hurts. Words can hurt, and people may talk about you, but who cares! Honestly, it’s all you because if you absorb all the hate someone is giving you, you may do something that would hurt, not only you but the people around you.

It hurts me to see that people change themselves, and sometimes it’s not for them, it’s for someone else, Although, listen here! If someone tells you to change then they are not worth your friendship. Especially girls, they do things to their body just so they can get noticed. They don’t have the confidence to be themselves. They think they have a small butt or small breast, but no they just want to be like the girls who have a bigger butt or breast. Now imagine this: girl A sees a random girl with you crush. He notices girl A but he doesn’t talk to her, leading to the girl feeling so embarrassed she changes her entire look, and then the boy looks at her. Do you see where this is going? The boy wanted her to change to meet up to the random girl’s standards. He’s not worth you true self.

Okay so a lot of people may tell me, why did you write this? I hear this all the time. Well, this is what changes people. They don’t believe in being confident. They have to be the complete opposite of their original figure just to be noticed. You are gorgeous. You are confident. You don’t need to change. You don’t need a bigger butt, you don’t need to loose weight. If eating makes you happy, then all be it, just eat! You shouldn’t be friends with someone who is trying to change you, but with someone who accepts you for who you are, even if you are dressed up like someone who just woke up.

I’ve felt very strongly about this topic because I’ve been told that I need to change or else I won’t get anyone or I’ll just be a weirdo if I stay like how I am, well I didn’t change I just got older and realized that I am me. I don’t need to change to act like who I am. Just like I’m telling you. YOU ARE YOU! You shouldn’t copy anyone, you shouldn’t change you entire look. Wear the same clothes every week, who cares! Just be you, be different!

XOXO- Sanya