My Bootcamp Experience Day-2

This is the second day of home session of the bootcamp training. I am happy to say that the pressure of getting the home session assignment done before the stated deadlines has made me a better programmer. I had two sets of assignments to be submitted on Sat. 8th April and Mon. 10th April respectively, and immediately after the end of the self learning clinic, i knew i’ve got a lot to read.

Having made up my mind to always make sure my assignments are submitted atleast 4hrs before the deadline, since i always get worried whenever i have a deadline fast approaching. The first task of the assignment was to write a blog post about my most recent learning challenge experience. Although i am not a good writer, but i had to put in my best in order keep myself in the race of becoming an Andela fellow.

The second task was to test our knowledge of programming logic, version control(Git) and test driven development(TDD). We were required to wite tests for three different functions; fizzBuzz, aritGeo and getPrimes using a different test framework, since we used mocha during the self learning clinic. We were categorically instructed to use jasmine, and after a lot of reasearch , i successfully did my assignment with the required framework(jasmine). I learnt these two very important things during the course of my research:

1. Jasmine unlike mocha that uses chai assertion library, does not use any assertion library.
2. Array can not be compared by the usual .to.equal() but rather with .to.deep.equal() since arrays are not primitive datatype.

The first task of the second assignment was done on the through the link sent to our email. I took the test without wasting time as i did not encounter much problem on it.

The second task was about OOP(Object Oriented Programming), and i was glad that i eventually implemented a good real world OOP example. I created an Employee class and an Intern subclass that inherits some properties and methods from the superclass. This was implemented using the method of combination inheritance which combines prototype chaining and constructor stealing methods together.

The last task of this assignment, as usual was a blog post about my bootcamp experience so far. I tried my best as usual, and i hope and pray that what i have written would be enough to keep me in the race.