Silicon Canals ?

The Dutch startup ecosystem is definitely evolving rapidly and this is being fuelled by initiatives like Amsterdam Capital Week*, StartupDelta, StartupAmsterdam & Startup Fest Europe. We are creating the right climate for startups and becoming an epicentre of innovation.
* Amsterdam Capital Week Oct 2015 aftermovie

I believe that every initiative counts, that’s why we want to be the frontrunners of an investor movement that actively supports entrepreneurship. Keadyn wants to act as a disruptor among VCs. We believe investors should leave a bigger footprint than their money and that is why we want to also proactively participate by contributing our own expertise, as well as by having a network of experts we can rely on.

We like to support the startup ecosystem regardless of whether we invest in a specific idea. We are not only in it for the money alone but we’re in it because we think cool ideas are worth spreading. That is why we are joining initiatives like Startup Fest and we also never forget about the importance of local and regional hubs e.g. YES!Delft, Eindhoven Startups Foundation, UtrechtInc, Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, Ace Venture Lab (sorry for not mentioning everyone here).

Last week, StartupAmsterdam asked me to provide some more insights on our approach. We’re actually just at the beginning of our disruption process. We want to be entrepreneur-investors; at Keadyn we have an entrepreneurial background and this affects the way we invest. We invest with a lean mindset, this means we’ve stripped out all the unnecessary costs and revamped the investment process so we can concentrate on what really matters: adding value to startup teams.

We put our ideas out there with the help of StartupAmsterdam:

*Original interview by Josephine Meijers, StartupAmsterdam

Before I forget to mention this, Startup Fest is accepting applications for the nation-wide events in May. If you’re looking for funding, advice, strategic partnerships or otherwise, please be sure to sign up for matchmaking here

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