Edhi Sb …An Inspiration

Sympathy is a God gifted quality. It’s not easy to feel for everyone. It’s not easy to love a child as he is your own child. It’s not easy for a normal person lo respect someone’s parents and sisters as your own parents. For a normal person it’s so hard to feel the pain of humanity. Only an angel have such properties as they formed by Allah’s noor and have not build in jealousy factor. Edhi Sb is one of those angel who send to the world from Allah to serve His creature.

I am so inspired by Edhi Sb, how he loved the orphan childrens. He always ready to help humanity. He tried his level best to save humanity in the time of disaster. I am so inspired by Edhi Sb act which he done when a university student need help for his treatment.

I am nothing but i really feel so sorry for street children's. My maid have four children and she have not enough resources for giving them early education. I decided to help her in the best way. For this i decided to thought her children without any fee. My mother became so happy with my this act and she decided to be a part of this campaign. She bought some stationary for these children and our this so small deed give our hearts too much satisfaction.

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