My Wish…….

I had a wish to get some extraordinary success in my studies but i was so idol and always preferred my comfort on work. The result, i got an ordinary success. Now i want to balance my life by achieving some extraordinary things in my life.

  • I wished to work continuously for 24 hours.
  • It’s my keen desire to make biryaani without my mother help.
  • I am damn passionate for GRE.

I am a lazy person. I love to rest. For me it’s not easy to neglect my sleep for work and come out of my comfort zone. But, now i want to raise the desire in myself to make my dreams true. it’s only possible by burning the candles at both ends. This will help me in difficult situations and i know with the passion of doing work by leaving my comfort will help me i achieving all goals of my life.

I completed this task and feeling so happy. It was not too easy to study about 36 hours with the sleep of 30 minutes and complete your task.

So i want to say that life is not a bed of roses if you want success then please come out from comfort zone and face challenges.

I am actually a bad cook and always need my mother help. But, now it’s my wish to make this delicious recipe without my mother assistance. It is my favourite dish and i know it’s seems so funny to have wishes like this. But i have a bundle of such innocent wishes.

I have a wish to clear my GRE exam. I made key decision to join a reputed academy for GRE examination.Here i need some inside scoop on how to crack GRE .

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