Interested Challenge

So the basic idea of writing this blog is to tell you how the life of one can be changed through your kind words and acts. How kindness is important to live a happy life in this world and hereafter too.

I read a chapter of book last day which was written by Dale Carnegie. His book name is “How to win friends and influence people”.

I read its first chapter and I recommend everyone to read this chapter and understand the word kindness. In his book, he told us that if you want to live a life be kind to others and in order to be kind you have to kind to yourself first. Kindness is not referred to a person whose income is good or whose standards are high even if you’re at a lower position and your standard is not that much high you should be kind to everyone. As we heard many examples in Islam that how people accept Islam as a religion and how most of the non-Muslims converted to Muslims because of kind acts of our Holy Prophet(P.B.U.H).

In this chapter, Dale talks about the different lives of people who influenced many people through their kind words and acts. One kind letter of a child to the selfish king makes him a prince as King married to his mother. How a magician becomes famous because of his pure intentions. There were so many stories in the chapter and each one of them was perfect in its own way. Everyone wants to be famous, wants to seem interesting and this will happen only if you show interest in people as the way you want for yourself. One of Dale saying is

“ You are only as interesting as the interest you show in others”

The take-away I got from this book is ready to accept and welcome people. Show kindness and love to others. Give a smile to others may be the one who is depressed can relax for a moment and maybe he or she remembers your this small kind act for the whole life and gives you Dua which ease your difficulties.

So after reading its first chapter, I tried to apply it on my daily life and it gives me a beautiful experience. I am able to connect people through their emotions, invested time in them and it really makes me and her pleasant. They came to know that there is someone who’s ready to listen to them and listening is one of the skill not everyone have.



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