A vision formed

Noor Medical, a startup focused on improving humanity’s access to equitable healthcare, has been formed by the common vision and experience of its team members working in the healthcare sector in developing regions of the world. Although Noor Medical was officially launched in 2018, its guiding vision has been developing since 2015. Saji Zagha, one of our founders, went to Eastern Chad in 2015 to assist in managing the construction of a surgical health clinic for Adventist Health International. There he learned about the negative impacts of grid disruption and improper instrument sterilization on medical care in Sub-Saharan Africa. Saji, being an economist, further educated himself about the microeconomic and macroeconomic implications of inadequate health care. For an overview on these topics, please see our previous post. He has since been working with Noor Medical to empower health care in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Saji Zagha in Chad 2015

The co-founding team at Noor Medical joined together in late 2017 to find an appropriate solution for equipment sterilization in off-grid and grid disrupted health clinics. Our research led us to find many shortcomings of the existing sterilization solutions in Sub-Saharan clinics. It also brought us into contact with Enock Musasizi, a Ugandan engineer who shares our vision and values. Enock made it clear to our team that his guiding principle is to help people using his engineering skills. Since then, Enock has been continuing to develop the hybrid solar autoclave, in cooperation with our team in Germany, to make it more accessible to clinics. Federico, one of our founding members and Mustafa, our Egyptian engineer, have been applying their industrial engineering and mechanical engineering experience for improving the various iterations of the hybrid solar autoclave.

At Noor Medical we realize that working on our own to solve problems is not an option and that actors in our target regions are key to our success. Since contacting Enock in January of 2018 we have held numerous talks with healthcare professionals and organizations that are active in Sub-Saharan Africa. We have also partnered with a multitude of organizations active in the healthcare domain which has opened the door for us to test our hybrid autoclave while also accelerating our entry into our target market. Noor Medical is young and growing and the past few months have been extremely exciting for the team. We continue to develop an ever greater network of organizations and individuals, whose complimentary passion and expertise will help us achieve the common visions that Enock and Saji first manifested.

We appreciate help along our journey, and are currently crowdfunding our next field testing at a number of health clinics in Chad. Please consider supporting us here.

To learn more about Noor Medical please visit our website: www.noor-med.com or follow us on facebook, linked in and twitter.

Noor Medical — Safe Surgery Anywhere
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