2020 is set to be a defining year for Noor Medical. After countless product iterations, expert interviews, and feedback from medical professionals in the field, we’re on the cusp of testing our newest Hybriclave iteration with sterilization technicians at partner healthcare clinics in Uganda. Our latest Hybriclave version is the most versatile yet, with integrated battery backup capability and the ability to utilize multiple energy inputs. It’s gotten smarter as well and can communicate data regarding sterilization conditions to mobile devices and the cloud — while offering critical user information on proper sterilization processes and techniques.

At Noor Medical, we strive to make safe surgery a reality anywhere that it is needed. During Q1 of this year, our CEO Saji Zagha traveled to Chad to collect further data about safe surgery in low resource settings and build a maternity ward in Katafa (one of the eastern Chads most remote districts). This project is funded and coordinated by Women’s Hope International and managed in cooperation with BASE. At this time, our team in Germany focused on developing further features for our Hybriclave to improve user-friendliness.

Left, Saji with the construction staff in Katafa in mid-March, Right Almost completed Maternity ward in Katafa

One of these essential features is Noor Connect, our digital platform, which allows healthcare clinics to monitor the sterilization cycles of our Hybricalve electronically. The vision of Noor Connect is to streamline instrument sterilization procedures while providing actionable data on the status and effectiveness of medical instrument sterilization procedures at target clinics. Additionally, Noor Connect will allow sterilization technicians to track ongoing and upcoming sterilization tasks, thus allowing them to prioritize these processes. In March, Noor Medical was awarded funding from BW Goes Mobile, an accelerator for Digital development at startups in Baden-Wurttemberg, to develop this product feature.

Left: Noor Connect prototype | Right: Hybriclave prototype (pictures taken in march)

Coping with the COVID-19 Crisis and Giving back to our community

Momentum is critical to any startup. Though we’ve been able to move forward with some areas of our product development, we were unfortunately pushed back by the ongoing global health crisis. In April of 2020, our team was due to travel to Uganda to conduct user-interface testing at a number of our partner healthcare clinics. Nonetheless, we’ve pivoted some of our activities and established new partnerships to collect valuable data to inform our product development.

We have recently submitted a proposal to Makerere University in Uganda to carry out remote field trials at our partner facility in Kampala, Uganda. We would like to give a special thanks to our partner Bodawerk for their continued research & development assistance as well as for providing a location to carry out this testing! The upcoming remote field trials and further developments are supported by the Innovationsgutschein from the Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Wohnungsbau Baden-Württemberg.

Additionally, in the continued spirit of cooperation and partnership, Noor Medical has sponsored the production of face-masks to distribute to a number of our partner healthcare networks, including One World Health Uganda and the staff of Makerere University School of Biomedical Sciences. We’re currently expanding this program with a ‘buy and support model’ wherein consumers in Germany can purchase a face mask and in doing so support the donation of a face-mask to an individual in the communities our partner healthcare facilities serve.

Distributing face-masks to One World Health Uganda

To learn more about Noor Medical please visit our website: www.noor-med.com or follow us on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram.

Noor Medical improves humanity's access to equitable healthcare

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