Noor Medical Field Trials

Noor Medical seeks to improve humanity’s access to equitable healthcare

No one should die because of improperly sterilized medical equipment. We believe in the universal right to equitable health care delivered in a sustainable manner. Clinics in remote areas often do not have the necessary access to electricity to sterilize their instruments. Nurses frequently have to travel long distances to sterilize their medical equipment properly in major hospitals with a more stable electricity supply. Sometimes, however, it is still not possible to sterilize the equipment in these hospitals and they have to either use less efficient sterilization methods such as boiling water or to operate without sterilizing the instruments at all.

Noor Medical information video [produced by Andrew Bonneau]

Noor Medical’s goal is to provide effective sterilization solutions to remote areas, reduce postoperative infections and increase the quality of life of nurses, doctors and their patients through an easy to use device. Noor Medical supports endogenous structures through the local production of hybrid autoclaves with locally sourced materials. We design our autoclaves to be durable, affordable and modular, so that they can be easily repaired and are easy to operate. The diversity of energy inputs ensures that our product can be operated in a variety of contexts and provide the critical sterilization of medical equipment for rural clinics at high risk of grid-disruption or with no electricity at all. Guided by a sustainable mindset, Noor Medical empowers healthcare through light while considering the social, economic and environmental aspects of our operations.

We would highly appreciate your support as we pursue the next stage of our endeavour.

To learn more about Noor Medical please visit our website: or follow us on facebook, linked in and twitter.

From left to right: Federico Castillejo, Saji Zagha, Laila Berning, Andrew Bonneau [Picture by Beatrice Verez]

Noor Medical — Safe Surgery Anywhere

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Noor Medical improves humanity's access to equitable healthcare

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