Noor Medical presents at the United Nations in New York City

Noor Medical, a startup based in Freiburg, Germany, has progressed through the world’s largest social-impact business accelerator, the Hult Prize, and will present their work at the United Nations headquarters in New York City on September 15th 2018.

Noor Medical’s mission is to increase humanity’s access to equitable healthcare. By providing medical equipment to sterilize medical instruments, with capability to work in a variety of operational contexts, they are working towards improving the provision of safe surgery in rural and off-grid medical clinics. Over 1.5 billion people in the world lack access to medical clinics with capable surgical instrument sterilization equipment, resulting in the unfortunate statistic that 1 out of 3 patients in the developing world suffer from postoperative infections. Unsafe surgery results in approximately 17 million deaths annually. Noor Medical works with a variety of partners to rectify these conditions.

The team, led by Laila Berning, Andrew Bonneau, Federico Castillejo and Saji Zagha, competed from the 22nd of July to the 1st of September against 42 other teams at the world-renowned Hult Business Accelerator at the Ashridge Castle, outside of London in the United Kingdom. The experience pitted Noor Medical against teams from such prestigious universities as the University of Oxford, Duke University, the University of Pennsylvania, University College London and UNC Chapel Hill. Noor Medical ranked first during the final pitch event and advanced to present their startup with five others teams at the United Nations competing for the final 1 million USD prize in seed capital.

Noor Medical team after their final pitch at the Ashride Castle (from left to right: Federico Castillejo, Laila Berning, Saji Zagha, Andrew Bonneau) [Foto by Hult Prize]

The Hult Prize, a partnership between the Hult International Business School, the United Nations Foundation, and the Clinton Global Initiative, was established in 2010 and has become the world’s largest and most prestigious start-up event in the field of social impact centered entrepreneurship. The Hult Prize challenge 2018 is to “harness the power of energy to transform the lives of 10 million people by 2025”, with solutions concurrently tasked with impacting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Noor Medical is a new venture dedicated to developing market-based ecosystems of care for safe surgery. Noor Medical’s Hybriclave technology fits well within the competitions focus on innovative energy solutions. It can utilize solar thermal, thermal and electricity energy inputs to provide critical medical instrument sterilization for rural and off-grid medical clinics. With guidance from experts from around the world who have participated as mentors to Hult Prize finalist teams in London this summer, Noor Medical has developed a business model designed for impact at scale.

Noor Medical is partnered with Riders for Health, a world leader in medical supply delivery to rural locations, and Aesculap, a division of BBraun, one of the largest surgical instrument manufacturers in the world. Furthermore, they partner with the Schumpeter Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Ensign College of Public Health in Kpong, Ghana for continuing research into innovative market-based healthcare solutions.

Noor Medical received generous financial support from “Neue Universitätsstiftung” and “Maria-Ladenburger Stiftung” for carrying out field trials in Africa, as well as from the Chair of Environmental Governance to carry out market research. Furthermore, Noor Medical is supported during their field trials by the Institute for Infection Prevention and Hospital Epidemiology in Freiburg, Germany.

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