Dear White People

With Netflix’s new show, “Dear White People,” many have jumped on an anti-facist train. Although the show evokes emotion and care from many, it furthers the trend of racism. Racism is seen as many as a trend of the moment, they see Zendaya wearing a black panthers shirt and then all the shirts are sold out on ASOS. Racism is not trendy, but is an actual problem people face with. Going through a social warrior phase does not make you not racist.

Dear white people, racism is not trendy, and neither is cultural appropriation. Summer is coming and along with it are music festivals. Music festivals, most notably, Coachella attract flocks of teenagers and young adults. Accompanying the crowd is cultural appropriation; now seen as trendy due to celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, wearing a hijab to highlight her “muslim heritage” on the cover of a magazine; even celebrities such as Kardashians sporting specific Chola makeup and box braids, has made cultural appropriation trendy. Although many argue that POCs need to grow up, that cultural appropriation is not blatant racism, that is where they are wrong. Cultural appropriation, although not forcing races to separate, creates a sense of desensitization of racial comments. It creates a culture where taking an identity is normal, and even trendy.

Dear white people, we don’t expect a lot, we just want to be treated equally. Although equality is centered as an American value, the concept of freedom is lost. Freedom has been broadcasted all over the world as stars and stripes, but the status quo suggests differently. With loopholes in the 13th amendment which ensures slavery in bondage, and the combination with the mass incarceration bill under the Clinton administration slavery is very well alive. Dear white people, freedom is only free for the white, the straight, and the rich.