We open the official blog of the Noosphere project, in which we will explain the principles of building the architecture of our ecosystem and tell how the development of the platform is proceeding.

Noosphere is a blockchain-based, service-oriented platform serving as the solid base for different SaaS, located in shards. Several innovations in blockchain technology like service-oriented sharding, flexible consensus, interservice exchange gave to Noosphere an advantage in comparing with other blockchain solutions.

Noosphere Foundation is presenting a new look on blockchain technology used by real businesses and industries. Noosphere’s innovative decentralized architecture offers users a breakthrough corporate cloud experience in the likes of Azure, AWS and Google Cloud, taking scalability and data security to new heights.

The Noosphere Platform gives direct access to an array of cloud computing capabilities, customized products, and services which can handle a range of tasks facing businesses and corporations around the world: analysis and processing of large amounts of data, internal and external corporate communications, creation of business applications, to name but a few.

This solution contains own modern blockchain platform Noosphere and the whole ecosystem called Heterogeneous Taraxacum. Heterogeneous Taraxacum Ecosystem offers great opportunities for IT and blockchain market players to build their own decentralized solutions using smart-contracts on Python. Flexible architecture of ecosystem simplifies integration or building new software services and visible synergy of services is doing it more attractive for third-party developer’s teams. Those teams and their services by default may use current features of Taraxacum like decentralized data storage or cloud computing.

The system enables the use of various programming languages and algorithms for building a third-party application in every shard of blockchain. Big data handling, distributed neuron networks, data backup and storage systems, high-performance computing are only a tiny part of what the Noosphere services can offer a user.

While each service adopted by Noosphere becomes its integral part, it exchanges data with other in-platform services, thus transforming Noosphere into a fully-fledged distributed cloud ecosystem unleashing unlimited possibilities.

Heterogeneous Taraxacum Ecosystem is an integrated scheme consisting of a set of software services based on decentralized blockchain shards. Noosphere Foundations are creating the core shards, supporting synergy of ecosystem and providing quick start for third-party teams of developers.

Each component of the ecosystem is a single service shard that can function independently of the others or vice versa in close relationship with other service shards. At some point, throughout its life cycle, such a shard can serve as the basis for creating a multitude of other shards.

DAR & DDNS — Dynamic Application Routing & Dynamic Domain Name System — a service that ensures load balancing, data stream routing and IP-level fault tolerance with integrated dynamic DNS functionality for any applications.

NTM — Noosphere Transaction Mixer — an additional transaction animation service usable not only for any cryptocurrency but also in transmission of any confidential data

DDAP — Decentralized Directory Access Protocol — a service offering LDAP functionality with enhanced safety and fault tolerance requirements.

ACS — Autonomous Copyright System — a copyright protection service.

Loki — a service for protection against DDoS attacks that enables timely detection of threats through continuous communication channel monitoring and redirecting traffic to special nodes in order to simulate success for the attacker.

EBS — Effective Backup Service — a fast and efficient data backup service that makes it possible to skyrocket backup speeds and snapshot generation speeds as compared with centralized services due to automatic data sharing between backup nodes in the course of transmission.

DHPC — Decentralized High Performance Computing — a service that facilitates transfer of existing computing tasks and software into the Noosphere system and adaptation for the use of distributed computing capacity and is also involved in this type of computing.

PVM — Python Virtual Machine — a virtual smart contract processing machine based on a Python-like language.

ABG — Any Blockchain Gate — a template service that offers standardized API to integrate operations with any third-party blockchain.

As Noosphere continues to develop, new cloud-based decentralized services and applications will emerge that would help optimize most day-to-day processes run by SMB (small- and medium-sized business). Noosphere aims for a continuous improvement of the decentralized cloud ecosystem that hosts Cross Platform-DApps & Services. By taking advantage of the innovative architecture of the blockchain, all implemented solutions will boast an infinite scalability and unprecedented level of security. This technical advantage is reaching because of detailed design of blockchain technology and preventing common problems of previous versions of blockchains.

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