Debugging is the key process of finding and fixing bugs or unexpected behavior in your code. All code has errors, from incorrect behavior in your app to behavior that highly consumes memory or network resources, to actual app freezing or crashing.

Debugging is one of the crucial parts of a software developer’s everyday life. We always attempt to write bug-free applications but to do this, we have to fix every bug, which is sometimes hard to spot in the code. Debugging allows you to go through each line of code, evaluating your app’s variables, methods and how well your code…

If you want to learn more about the main components from Room you could check this article : Room


Junction In Room

Junction to be used for joining a relationship, if a relation should be used as an associative table (also known as junctions table or join table) then can use this annotation to reference such table. This is useful for fetching many-to-many relations.

For example, if you have three tables like:


@Entity(tableName = "user_table")
data class UserModel(
@ColumnInfo(name = "user_id")
var id: String,
@ColumnInfo(name = "user_name")
var userName: String,
@ColumnInfo(name = "user_address")
var userAddress: String


Nabin Shrestha (Noowenz)

Sr Software Engineer

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