Can we adjust previously set targets?

The short and simple answer is of course! I have never seen any laws that stop you from changing your life targets. But we should also remember that you can only adjust them within a reasonable range.

The first reason you might need to adjust your target is that you have already achieved that level. For example, let’s say you wanted to make 10,000 dollars per month within a year of starting your business.

And it turns out… 6 months after you start your business, you are already making over 10,000 dollars per month.

In this case, you can adjust your target, because if you keep the same target, you might stop improving. For example, you can set a new goal of making 20,000 dollars per month within the next 6 months.

By the way, by “adjusting,” I did not mean that if you can only make 3,000 dollars per month after 6 months have passed, you should adjust your target and now aim to make only 3,500 dollars per month. We do not set a target value just to achieve it, but also in order to challenge and improve ourselves and to find a way(s) to achieve more ambitious targets and reach our dreams.

If you only set targets that you can definitely achieve, I would say don’t bother. Instead, just go on doing whatever it is you are doing and set the targets afterwards; that way you can be sure you will achieve them!!!

Another reason to adjust your target value is if the current target no longer matters to you.

For example, you might set a target to open 10 branches of your franchise business by the end of this year. But later, you change your mind, and decide you’d better find a way to double the revenues of your five existing branches first, because this is more appropriate given your current capacity. In this case, you can consider adjusting your target value for the five existing branches, to try to get more revenue from each. Then next year, you can expand to 10 branches.

Apart from situations like the ones mentioned above, adjusting a target value is not recommended; targets should be sacred, or they may be ignored and become ineffectual.

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