Measuring success from a financial perspective

Now it is time for the frequently asked question: “Well, I want to balance my time and want to continue learning…

“…but I cannot because I still have debts to pay and still have to pay my kids’ tuition, etc.” If you are like most people, you still have many financial burdens.

This is an important reason why we need to create financial success.

Financial success will give you freedom to manage your time as you wish between work, family, and health, while also being able to spend some time educating yourself.

Sometimes this becomes a trap. When you do not have enough money, you cannot manage your time effectively, and you cannot learn. And when you cannot manage your time well, you will get sick and will have problems with your family. And when you do not learn, you cannot work well. In the end, the outcome will be life problems and not enough money.

It becomes a cycle.

On the other hand, if you have financial success, you will have the freedom to manage your time. You will have the money to go back to school, or make the time to educate yourself. You will have a happy and healthy family, and you will be successful in your career, which, in the end, will bring you money. This is the cycle we want.

So how can we achieve financial success? First, we need to define it, which means we need to measure it.

For example, are your assets generating any income? This part is very important because we should let our assets work for us, so that we ourselves do not have to work so hard, and will have more time to spend on health and family.

Information on financial management is easy to find. But what I want to highlight is that we need to measure whether or not we have financial freedom first. Once we know, we can use that knowledge to improve ourselves.

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