I am not shaolinfry

Recently a couple of people asked me if I am shaolinfry, the pseudonymous creator of User Activated Soft Fork proposal.

There are a couple of reasons why they might think I am the one behind the mask.

1. I changed my twitter photo to shaolinfry’s

I did this, because I thought it would be funny.

Plus I also committed this highly sarcastic tweet:

I guess that’s what you call trolling.

2. /r/btc identified me as shaolinfry

The coincidence

As the /r/btc post said, I indeed committed a reddit comment a day before the first version of the UASF proposal. This is might be a little similar to UASF, but it is different:

I am getting more optimistic on the issue. I need to do much more research to be sure about what I will say here, but I am suspecting SegWit will activate one way or another, regardless what miners signal.
It seems like we might can activate segwit for only a small set of people and that would get things started.
A basic example would be one mining pool that starts mining segwit blocks and one application, that needs malleability fix and can tolerate long confirmation times.
Some mining pools couldn’t afford to miss out the plus fees, coming from segwit transactions are cramed into a few blocks a day so they would switch too. This would result faster confirmation times for segwit transactions, which would enable more applications to use segwit. This could result more mining pool switching and so on…
Meanwhile antpool keeps mining empty blocks as always.

Do I support UASF?

In the end I don’t know if I support the concrete proposal or not. I read all proposals and I understand them, but I cannot figure out how the network would behave. I am just not smart enough to understand its implications. However I strongly support its intention. As I detailed way before all this anti-miner attitude started to get into people’s head: the mining centralization is the achilles heel of Bitcoin: