Let Me Remind You Fuckers Who I Am
Hillary Clinton [parody]

Female hater here. Since I could never get to respond to REAL Hillary, Fake Hilliary will do.

If you wanted to win this fucking election, you would have brought Bernie on as your VP.

Instead you colluded with the DNC. And confirmed the collusion by hiring the person in charge right into your campaign.

Do you understand that right now you look WORSE than Trump because for all he’s promising to break all the rules (because he doesn’t know them at all), that you, the person who KNOWS the rules are BREAKING THEM IN REAL TIME AND NOT EVEN SHOWING REMORSE?!

Because at this point, few of my friends can see the difference between the two of you, and they loathe you to the point of not giving a damn if Trump is in charge because maybe he’ll just end the world and they won’t have to feel so freaking cheated by you.

And since I’m Canadian, I’m begging them to vote for you BECAUSE TRUMP IS GOING TO NUKE MY FUCKING COUNTRY.

Get over yourself, APOLOGIZE, take Bernie on as an advisor, or shit, as your VP, FIRE THAT BITCH WHO GOT YOU HERE BECAUSE YOU SHOULD START WITH SOME INTEGRITY.

Because at this point, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth trying not to die and supporting someone who I view as the lowest form of scum to do it.

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